Problem Solving and Teaching How to Solve Problems in Technology-Rich Contexts


Problem solving is perhaps the key characteristic that makes us human. Given the kinds of problems that we face in a competitive economy and society, the new generation of learners is ever more required to have problem-solving abilities. By drawing from the literature on technological pedagogical content knowledge, design thinking, general and specific methods of problem solving, and role of technologies for solving problems, this article highlights the importance of problem solving for future teachers and discusses strategies that can help them become good problem solvers and understand the requirements of teaching their students problem solving in technology-rich contexts. This article consists of two main parts. Part 1 focuses on strategies required to help preservice teachers to be better problem solvers, and Part 2 summarizes approaches to introduce preservice teachers to the methods of teaching problem solving. The strategies reviewed provide a tangible guidance for teacher education programs regarding how to promote future teachers’ problem-solving skills.